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Casino Marina has standardized and replicated the winners’ formula throughout all its international destinations. Whether you want to play, dine or even unwind, Casino Marina will ensure the experience remains the same wherever you go.

We pamper our VIP guests with private gaming rooms, limousine pick-ups, scrumptious cuisine and complimentary drinks. If you’re a winner, you know what the fun’s at.

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Five Star Hospitality

Five Star Hospitality

At Casino Marina it’s always service with a smile. With our ability to standardize your experience you can be sure that all our amenities and service would always be the way you remembered it. Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients to create our mouth watering menus, offering sustainable food options that are healthy and delicious. At Casino Marina the food is a cornucopia of variety and wine flows like water so a good time will always be guaranteed.

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Five Star Hospitality

The Perfect Getaway

Many of Casino Marina International’s branches are strategically located close to or a short drive away from its home country’s commercial districts (in fact some are actually adjacent to each cities biggest conference centers!). We know how hectic business travelling can be and have positioned ourselves to cater to every need of business travelers. Come to Casino Marina to take a break from all the hustle and bustle to spend some quality time with good food, great company and fabulous entertainment.

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You will always find Casino Marina, Your Winning Destination at up-and-coming major tourist or business hotspots of a nation. Casino Marina Maputo extends the essence of Casino Marina's prestige, captured from the rolling golden beaches of Sri Lanka's shores globally, filling the voracious appetite everyone has for winning. Casino Marina is a registered trademark of Rank Entertainment Holdings' international operations. All rights reserved.

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